For years I’ve been longing for pesto.  I tried making it once and it was a complete flop…too horrible for this blog.  Then I made it last year for  pasta, pesto, and peas, and still wasn’t thrilled as it was way too garlicky.  But I knew that with some tweaking I could get it right.  So since my basil plants needed some serious trimming this weekend, I decided to give the pesto another go.

July 2009 1 024

My only hesitation about this recipe was the amount of olive oil.  I don’t have the “good” olive oil that Ina always calls for and thus I think many of her vinaigarette recipes that I make end up tasting a lot like the oil.  Plus, I wanted to make the pesto a little lighter and knew the oil would spoil that for me.  So I cut the oil down to 1/3 cup (from 1 1/2 cups) and added 3/4 cup of plain yogurt and this simple change brought the WW Points down from 12 Points to 4 Points per serving.  Not too shabby!!  Serve over 1 cup of whole wheat pasta and you’ve got yourself a 7 Point meal that will knock your socks off!  The yogurt made the pesto nice and creamy rather than oily and I was instantly sold on the idea of using yogurt as a substitute in other recipes as well.

July 2009 1 032

You’ll see that Ina has some instructions for storing the pesto below. I froze mine in snack size baggies in 2-serving portions.