Sometimes there’s nothing better than a simple brownie.  Finding that perfect recipe isn’t easy though, is it?  Oftentimes it takes weeding through a few recipes, though really it’s not a burden to find the recipe that really resonates with you. I’m not complaining about trying multiple brownie recipes in order to find the perfect one.  Out of all of the recipes I’ve tried thus far, Ina’s Outrageous Brownies (in all forms) have been my favorite and I think this statement still stands.  I definitely enjoyed these brownies because well, they’re brownies. They were chocolaty and moist but not as fudgy as I had hoped they would be.  Ina’s brownies outshine this recipe by way of the depth of chocolate flavor, likely due to the addition of instant coffee granules which Ina swears by in her chocolate recipes, as well as the texture.  Granted, I loved how these brownies held together really well while Ina’s brownies can be a little crumbly at times but I suppose I prefer my brownies a little softer and more fudgy.  The only other complaint I had was they they were a little thin which you can see from the photo in the link below which I didn’t look at before I made them.  This of course isn’t a huge issue but it’s necessary to ensure that you don’t over bake them since they are on the thin side and thus don’t bake as long as other recipe may.