I wish I had a better reason about why I haven’t made this recipe yet…but alas, I have no reason at all.   Back to Basics has been out for well over a year now but I continued to flip passed Baked Shrimp Scampi every time I came to it and now I’m mad at myself for passing it over for so long.  I’ve wasted a year plus worth of time that we could have been eating this shrimp…a year plus of my life without any shrimp scampi, actually.

Regardless of my regrets, I couldn’t have been happier with the results of this recipe.  And Jill of Insanely Good Food (my friend from junior high and high school!) couldn’t have timed her pick for Barefoot Bloggers any better since it coincided with my parents’ visit this past weekend.  However, since my parents have been making a fantastic shrimp scampi recipe for years (one that I never figured out how to make), I was a little nervous about introducing this one but it seriously was a huge success.  The recipe came together so quickly after just a little bit of chopping and peeling of the shrimp and I prepped the dish while some afternoon snoozes were going on so I would be able to sit down and have some hors d’oeurves instead of cooking while everyone snacks and chats without me.  Since it bakes up in only 10 minutes, you can time it perfectly with a big pot of boiling water for some linguine that you must serve the shrimp over since you can’t pass up the sauce that pools at the bottom of the baking dish.  With this dish, you’ll thank Ina for the sauce and crumbly panko topping alone…the shrimp is a bonus here!

Aside from this being one of the easier dishes I’ve made in a long time, it was also one of the most cost effective.  Shrimp, unlike lobster, is available at a reasonable price all year long.  I found a 1lb bag of frozen deveined shrimp (26-30 shrimp per pound) at Whole Foods for $9.99 – not bad at all considering it was deveined which in my opinion, is the worst part about preparing shrimp.  And since I had all of the other ingredients on hand already, this recipe cost me $10 out of pocket to yield 5-6 servings. How can you beat that??