Here’s yet another recipe I’m kicking myself about not making sooner.  This Brownie Pudding happened to be one of the choices for Barefoot Bloggers way back in March 2009 and I never made it then.  Yes, that’s right.  I waited an entire year before making this absolutely to die for dessert.  Heavenly might be a better word for it.  And if you’re as much of a brownie lover as I am, you’ll truly appreciate all the happiness this dessert brings to you.  As the name suggests, it’s a cross between brownies and pudding…think similar to molten lava cakes but way better.  The recipe yields beautiful brownie edges and a soft brownie batter-like center – the best of both worlds in my opinion!

The only catch to this recipe is that you cannot, under any circumstances, overcook this dessert if you wish to have the gooey insides…trust me.  I’ve made the recipe twice in the past 3 weeks.  The first time, I used a 13″x9″ glass baking dish and baked it for 55 min which was too long since I ended up with really dense brownies (which really isn’t a bad thing, is it?).  When I made again this past weekend, I used the size dish Ina suggests, baking it only for 50 minutes this time rather than the hour Ina says to, and it came out perfect. Brownie pudding perfection.  I don’t suggest you wait as long as I did to make this so put aside the 10 minutes it takes to prep, pop it in the oven while you’re eating dinner and serve it warm with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream (a requirement of course).  You’ll be thanking me! Though your hips may not. 😉