So, another year come and another year gone…and I’ve finally made Irish soda bread!  I’ve only been considering it for the past four St. Patty’s Days.  Right, just four years.  Sheesh.  And to be honest, up until two days ago I had no idea which recipe to use.  And then…Smitten Kitchen came to my rescue.  It was like Deb swooped down from the shadows and everything was right in the soda bread world.  Deb had posted a recipe which meant a.) I now had a reliable source, and b.) this was going to be some good soda bread.

As Deb describes it, the addition of raisins and caraway seeds makes this American soda bread rather than traditional Irish soda bread which contains just flour, baking soda, and buttermilk.  But I don’t care.  This was the best damn soda bread – American or Irish – that I’ve ever had.  Forget the brick I almost picked up in Whole Foods for $5.49 on Monday that tried to pass for soda bread.  This was what I had been dreaming of making for years.  It had all the promise Deb talked about…a crunchy, craggy crust that leaves everyone fighting for the end pieces and a tender, soft interior studded with raisins and caraway seeds that seem to make soda bread what it is to me…addictive perfection.