Some of you may be wondering what the heck I’m doing posting a clear-cut cold-weather meal almost halfway through April.  Well, if you had some of the nasty weather that the Northeast endured during the final weeks of March and into the beginning of April, you know how much a warm meal on a raw and rainy night was appreciated.  This jambalaya was the perfect meal for that night. And maybe what was best about it (aside from it’s deliciousness of course) was that it was an easy meal to put together on a weeknight.

Let’s just say that regardless of the level of familiarity you may have with jambalaya, you’re going to love this dish.  I had been looking for a great jambalaya recipe for close to 3 years and since I had never made it before and had only eaten it a couple of times as a kid, I wanted to make sure I chose the perfect one.  This was it, thanks to Annie and her love of Cook’s Illustrated.  Kyle and I both adored this meal and I’m already looking forward to next fall when the weather will be calling for it again!