I may have made these cute little cupcakes for St. Patty’s Day this year but don’t be mistaken…no one will complain if you bring these to work say, in the middle of August.  I had heard so so much about the now famous Guinness and Bailey’s cupcakes and honestly, at first, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of beer cupcakes.  In fact, it took me two St. Patty’s days to finally work up the courage to make them. But boy am I glad I did!  I absolutely loved how they turned out and since the Guinness gives just a little undertone of flavor to the chocolate cupcakes, I was able to concentrate on the awesomeness of the Bailey’s Irish Cream buttercream.  Oh.My.Goodness. The buttercream was seriously great.  Because the buttercream isn’t cooked, the Bailey’s is a prominent flavor so if you’re serving them to those who are averse [ahem] to alcohol, they should probably be forewarned. Everyone who tried these cupcakes raved over them, even those who didn’t know there was alcohol in them, and I will not hesitate to make them again for anyone who requests them.