Is your house like mine in June?  Do you often have so many strawberries that you’re running out of ideas for how to use them?  Well be sure to set aside a couple cups to make a simple swirl to add to this mouthwatering cheesecake ice cream.   Aww heck…even if you don’t have strawberries in the house, don’t skip making this ice cream because it certainly doesn’t need the swirl.  The swirl just takes the ice cream over the top.  That’s all.  I was psyched to be making this recipe by itself since I’ve had my eye on it for some time but when Kyle suggested swapping out the blueberries for strawberries in Lebovitz’s blueberry sauce recipe and using it as a swirl throughout the mixture, my heart skipped a beat.  And once you taste this ice cream, your’s will too!  For an egg-less ice cream, this is by far the creamiest I’ve made yet, likely due to the cream cheese and sour cream in the recipe…yum!!  The recipe only yields 3 cups so I doubled it but kept the swirl recipe to a single recipe and had enough leftover to use as a sauce on top.  And just to up the ante a wee bit more, I crumbled up a graham cracker and sprinkled a few pieces on before eating – delicious!!