When the summer heat really gets going like it has been this week, is there nothing better than ice cream?  What about peanut butter ice cream with chocolate and peanut butter cups?  Yeah…there’s nothing better than that!  This torte is a little creation Kyle and I put together back in May based loosely on a few different concepts we’ve seen floating around, including an incredibly overpriced ice cream cake from a certain ice cream restaurant based in the Northeast.  This torte is no more difficult to put together than any other cake but it definitely takes some time and patience (which I often have little of when it comes to waiting for homemade ice cream).

As they say though, good things come to those who wait and since I waited all day one Saturday for this treat, I was handsomely rewarded after dinner that night.  This torte is to.die.for.  I’ve made this peanut butter ice cream before but the milk chocolate ganache takes it over the top.  We considered an Oreo cookie crust however, as much as I would never turn down an Oreo, I’m not a huge fan of it in a crust form.  We opted instead for a graham cracker crust with just a hint of cinnamon and the extra level of flavor the crust lends to the torte is just amazing.  It’s like the graham crackers were meant for this torte!  So since we’re still in National Ice Cream Month, why don’t you give this torte a shot!