The elusive madeleine.  It seems as if every food blogger as attempted them and yet only a handful seem to succeed.  See, they’re a tricky bunch.  And apparently there’s two schools of thought regarding the use of baking powder – do you want the hump or not?  The hump and the pretty little scalloped indentations seem to be what get people the most.  So if you want the hump, yes, use the baking powder.  If you want the indentations (isn’t that what makes the presentation?), take the advice of David Lebovitz and freeze your floured molds for at least three hours prior to baking and for the love of all things French, don’t spread the batter in the mold.

“But isn’t Lebovitz the ice cream guy?” you say.  Of course, of course…but he’s also an ex-pat in Paris who only wrote one of the most endearing book about Paris ever (tongue-cheek).  The man knows his French treats.  These lemon-glazed madeleines are a tribute to his passion about said treats.  They are delightful and lemony…and how could you not love them when they turn out like these did?  Someone may have done a little dance of happiness in the kitchen that day but I won’t say who it was.  Just see what happens to you when you make them.