Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

It seems like ages since chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream was all the rage which, in essence, makes these cupcakes retro.  And these days, retro is all the rage. In fact, the Baked bakery guys are set to release a whole cookbook devoted to twists on the classics.  So yes.  The chocolate chip cookie dough dessert is back.  And it’s back even better in this cupcake.

If you remember last week, I mentioned that I’m working my to-make cupcake list to the bone for the upcoming Cupcake Camp New Haven.  It’s gonna be a busy August.  But when cupcakes like this one come out of my kitchen, nobody is complaining. Especially not a group of fabulous food bloggers who were on the taste-testing end of this cupcake trial at Big Summer Potluck this weekend.  This event deserves it’s own post which will come later in the week so for now we’ll keep the cupcake front and center.

I was incredibly pleased with how these sweet little things went over with the group and even more pleased with how I thought they tasted.  Holy cookie dough cupcake!  The icing was a complete dead-ringer for the flavor of cookie dough and the hidden cookie dough surprise in the center of the cupcake made this cupcake.  I’m happy to report that I didn’t use all of the filling for the cupcakes so I rolled the filling into little balls and frozen them for cookie dough ice cream at a later point in time.  Because, you know, in this house, cookie dough ice cream will never go out of style.