Break out your muffin pans because you’re gonna wanna make these muffins.  Like now.  Because seriously, it will take you less than 30 minutes from start to warm and fresh muffins to whip up a batch.  I pulled them together this morning before work and I was actually on time getting in.  Surprisingly.

But not surprisingly, these muffins were finger-licking good, served with some fried chicken or not.  The base of the recipe is much like the tabula rasa that is pasta or risotto so you can certainly add whatever your heart desires.  Shawnda has some great suggestions for variations listed in her post this week and I wouldn’t mind making some with a Greek twist next time.  For me though, I was in Mexi-muffin mode this morning since I was looking forward to tonight’s Tacos Night.  I threw in a chopped banana pepper (which is really low on the heat scale – much lower than a poblano or jalapeno – and is on the sweeter side), a handful of shredded cheddar and about 1tsp of ancho chile powder to my halved recipe.  If I felt like if I could have given some of these muffins up, I would have brought them to work with me.   But I couldn’t.  They were just too good and sharing was just out of the question.

If you want to see the full recipe, take a trip over to see Amanda at Fake Ginger and have a look…But don’t forget about the other fabuloso Project Pastry Queen ladies!  Next week’s recipe will be a doozy so make sure you come back and see for yourself.