caramel crumb bars

When you have 10+ recipes to blog about, sometimes a recipe comes along that needs to cut the line.  This one here is a line-cutter.  Don’t hate the line-cutter.

How could you hate a line-cutter like this one anyway?  These caramel crumb bars will rock your world.  Seriously.  I was wondering if my co-workers were disappointed when I walked in with these bars for a potluck last week instead of my originally planned cupcakes but they disappeared in the blink of an eye.  Nobody missed those cupcakes.

Chances are, you’ve already got all the ingredients for this recipe in your house. The bars may look complicated but the top and bottom layers are made from the same batch of dough and the caramel center couldn’t be easier and more satisfying to make on your own.  So yes, a 3 layer bar that you can pull together and walk out the door with in about 1 hour…love it!   Be sure to leave yourself a piece or two at home before they’re out the door to your potluck du jour.  You’ll thank me that night when you get home and find this little surprise sitting on the counter waiting for you.  It certainly made my night!