This is quite a silly name for such a serious goody!  These Pumpkin Yumkins are a cross between a pumpkin cupcake and a pumpkin muffin so rather than calling them one or the other, isn’t it so much easier to call them a Yumkin?  They are dense, filling, and oh so delicious…and it took every ounce of my energy not to have a second one this morning for breakfast!

I made a few changes to the recipe, which you’ll see below.  The original recipe calls for pecans and dates but I swapped in white chocolate chips and raisins, two of my favorite mix-ins and substitutes in recipes that call for nuts.  I also used vanilla extract and maple flavoring in place of the orange because I’m infamous for not reading all of my planned recipes before going to the grocery store.  It’s all good though since vanilla and maple are the perfect compliments to pumpkin! And lastly, I added some cinnamon to the flour mixture.  The recipe doesn’t call of any spices and well…what’s pumpkin without a little spice??  In just over an hour this morning (yes before work), I had these Yumkins mixed, baked, cooled, and frosted…and such little effort certainly made today’s birthday girl a very happy one.

Be sure to check out what’s happenin’ over at Project Pastry Queen…I suppose it’s not a surprise that we have another pumpkin recipe ready to go for next week!