Is there a better day to share a great crockpot meal with you than on a snowy day? I think not.  We’re getting pounded with 24″+ in CT today and while I made this pulled pork a couple of weeks ago, I’m kicking myself for not having something to throw in the crockpot today.  I mean, yes it’s wonderful to have the crockpot going while I’m at work and then come home to a fully cooked meal but it’s another thing to be home all day while dinner cooks and you get to smell it cooking.  Regardless of when you decide to make these sandwiches, you certainly won’t regret it.  They are drop-dead delicious; the pork made perfectly tender from a 8-10 hour day in the crockpot with a sauce that will make you cry when it drips down to your elbow because you aren’t going to want to waste any of it.  Did you see the coleslaw on top of these babies? It’s a must!  Slaw on pulled pork isn’t something I’ve seen much of here in the Northeast but we were willing to give it a shot and it totally makes this whole sandwich.  The cool, crisp, and tangy slaw with the savory and barely sweet pork gives you a sandwich you will not want to put down.

I know virtually everyone has a favorite recipe so I’d love it you’d link your favorite pulled pork (or chicken) recipe in the comments below.