I’d like to declare that I now eat peanuts.  I can hear my mom gasping from Long Island right now.  See, my aversion to peanuts (and tree nuts but not peanut butter!) started when I was 2 or 3.  My mom gave me some ice cream with nuts in it and I hated it.  The texture of nuts never appealed to me and quite frankly, I can’t say that I like nuts now enough to seek them out but I won’t always turn my nose up at them, as I’ve done for so many years.

This ice cream is a testament to how far I’ve come with my aversion.  I let Kyle pick a flavor to make last week and Tin Roof Sundae is what he chose.  I did a small internal grown about the peanuts in the recipe but decided to put my big girl pants on and not complain.  After all, the peanuts in this ice cream are coated with chocolate – how bad could they be?  Well, the chocolate-covered peanut clusters totally make this ice cream as fabulous as it is.  The recipe is written to use unsalted peanuts but since I had a vat of salted peanuts in the pantry, that’s what I used.  And let me tell you, the saltiness mixed with the sweet and creamy vanilla ice cream and the fudge ripple is absolutely perfect. Perfect.  I doubled the entire recipe and ended up with almost 2 cups of extra fudge ripple which I’ll use for another recipe in the future but if you double the recipe as well, I don’t suggest skimping on the peanuts – add all of them to ice cream and don’t look back!