Chocolate-Malt Sandwich Cookies

One of my favorite bloggers and dear blogger friend, Annie from Annie’s Eats is expecting her second baby in just a few months!  I’m so incredibly excited for her and can’t wait to “meet” sweet Caroline!  Annie’s Virtual Baby Shower came up just at the right time since I have been absolutely dying to make these chocolate malt sandwich cookies and I knew they would be the perfect addition to an appetizer and dessert shower.  I knew our host, Courtney, would be making a cake for the shower so I figured a big plate of chocolaty cookies would be go over well…and I knew that Annie would love them since she’s a huge fan of chocolate desserts and sandwich cookies of all kinds.

These chocolate malt sandwich cookies are simple as anything to put together.  You make your chocolate malt cookie dough, bake the cookies, and let them cool.  Meanwhile, you whip up some chocolate malt filling, chill it for 30 min, whip it up, and fill your cookies. And you’re done!  Even better than how simple they are, these are quite possibly the best cookies I’ve ever eaten.  And this isn’t just my opinion.  The weekend I made them, I had my cousins up for a visit and when two teenagers tell you this was the best cookie they had EVER eaten, you know you’ve got a good thing going.  My cousin, Mariah, had been waiting for over a year to make them with me since we first came across the recipe and these cookies fully lived up to every expectation.  As expected, they are fantastically chocolaty but the malted milk powder adds an extra layer of depth and flavor to the chocolate that you don’t expect by just looking at them.  Not surprisingly, these sandwich cookies went fast. So fast that we made a second batch the following day just so Mariah could take a few of them back to school with her in Providence.  I hope they survived the car trip!

Chocolate Malt Sandwich Cookies

With a long list of fabulous food bloggers attending, you can imagine this shower as one filled with amazing food and great friends, some of whom I’ve been following for years and some of whom you’ve probably been following for years as well!  Please be sure to check out Cook Like a Champion and Annie’s Eats for a round-up of this very special baby shower and do yourself a favor by visiting all of the blogs for the recipes and photos – you won’t be at all sorry!