Thick and Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies

It’s no surprise that any type of cookie named “Thick and Chewy” would be amazing.  Take these thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies – most definitely my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.  So when I came across this recipe in my newest favorite cookbook, I simply couldn’t pass over the recipe.  Oftentimes I find that double chocolate cookie dough tastes considerably better than the baked cookies and I was beyond thrilled to find out that the actual cookies are every bit as great as I expected they would be.  Deep and rich in chocolate flavor (the recipe does call for 16oz of semisweet chocolate, after all), they are swoon-worthy cookies.  They mimic the original thick and chewys with slightly crispy edges and soft and chewy centers…and they are impossible to resist.  In terms of the size of these cookies, I found that a heaping 2 tbsp (1 3/4 inch) scoop of dough yielded a much better looking cookie than a leveled off scoop of the same size but really, the size of these cookies makes no difference.  As long as you’ve got a glass of ice cold milk to go with these delights, you can’t go wrong.