I’m not the type of blogger who makes a recipe and runs to my computer to blog about it.  I usually have a list of 10 or so things backed up to be blogged about over the course of a few weeks…new items get added to said list (I keep it as a Stickie so it’s always quickly accessible) almost as quickly as they drop off when I blog about them.  But folks, today, I’m breaking my own “rules.”  Kyle and I made these chicken fajitas last night for dinner and we loved them so much that I couldn’t bear to keep them a secret from you.  I seriously gushed about them all night long, got sad when I packed them up for our lunches today, and got giddy again when I remembered there were still leftovers for lunch today.

The technique to making these fajitas isn’t really any different from my usual fajitas: sauté peppers and onions, remove from the pan, cook the protein, slice and serve.  What puts them completely over the top is the sauce the chicken is cooked in.  It’s a unlikely combination of orange juice, Worcestershire sauce, cilantro, and garlic but the flavors combine and cook down into this amazing sauce that you’ll drizzle over the chicken, peppers, and onions before serving.  I had been dying to make grilled chicken fajitas this week but since our grill is still out of commission since it took a nose-dive when our deck collapsed this winter, I opted for this recipe instead and I’m not sure I’ll ever get to try the other recipe.  This one is just too much of a good thing to pass on next time I’m craving fajitas!