There are few things in this lifetime that I will ever turn down.


Don’t offer me pizza while I’m counting WeightWatchers Points.  Trouble.

homemade NY bagels 1

The smell of a bag full of hot NY bagels make my knees go weak.  And if you throw in some of that whipped up bagel shop cream cheese, I’m in double trouble. Don’t even try to convince me that it’s Philadelphia.

peanut butter cookies

Peanut butter cookies make me want to belly up the kitchen table with a glass of ice cold milk.

See, peanut butter, in my house growing up, was something that was worshiped and it’s something that is still worshiped today, both in my house and in my parents’ house.  In fact, I just had a conversation with my mom this past weekend during a stroll through one of those warehouse stores where the peanut butter comes in mammoth-size two packs.  It’s like they know. My mom exposed in a very serious tone, with an even more serious face, that they were down to their last jar of peanut butter.  It was panic mode.  What if they ran out??

Before you run out of peanut butter, you must make these cookies.  For the past couple of years, I’ve had a favorite recipe – don’t we all?  They are two-bite wonders.  These honey roasted peanut butter cookies are ten-bite humdingers.  These peanut butter cookies are ones with chopped honey roasted peanuts studded throughout.  They are cookies where the peanut butter hits you like a charging bull.  Choose the large cookie scoop to dole out the dough and you’ll get the soft, doughy cookies that are throw-backs to your high school cafeteria.  (Weren’t the soft cookies the best thing to come out of the cafeteria?)  They are the kind of peanut butter cookies that can stand on their own but if you think they need a little help, add a dollop of jelly to the centers before you bake them.

Sarah’s got the full recipe posted so be sure to jump on over to 20 something cupcakes to have a look.  You’ll want to make a full recipe – why would you not want extra dough in the freezer?  Using the aforementioned big scoop, I got about 2 1/2 dozen dough balls, most of which I froze.  (The full recipe yields about 6 1/2 dozen smaller cookies.) So go ahead…stock up on that peanut butter because you’ll need it for these cookies.