I’ve had a prejudice against pies for years.  Admittedly, a pie maker I’m not.  I can’t pinpoint the reason for this prejudice but it’s been lurking around my kitchen.  Lurking like your slightly off-kilter college roommate does when your suite is brimming with friends.  And like this college roommate situation, it’s unnerving.  I want to make pies.  I’ve seen some jaw-droppingly gorgeous pies around the blogs for years and yet each summer passes by without the sign of a pie on Smells Like Home.  I’m sorry that I’ve been a wimp.  I’m working on it.

This strawberry rhubarb pie is the first plunge I’ve taken into pie making this summer.  I hope you like it.  I loved it.  I pulled the strawberry rhubarb filling together in about 5 minutes and the dough took even less time to make.  Shockingly easy.  Not ever having had rhubarb, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the flavor but it blended so beautifully together with the strawberries – a little tart and a little sweet with a pie crust that made me burst with pride when I took my first taste.  Judging by my 92-year-old grandmother’s ecstatic reaction this pie, and considering she has vivid memories of slimy rhubarb that her mother used to boil to all hell, I’d say that this pie is a resounding success.  I’ve invested in a pie cookbook to assist me through the summer and after this strawberry rhubarb triumph, there will definitely be more pies to come soon.