The season of sun, sand, and swimming may have past already – heck, it’s long gone here with light snow in the forecast tonight – but there is nothing saying that you still can’t find decent lobster in the seafood markets or even your own grocery store this time of year.  Here in New England, the Maine lobster season typically runs through December (though we can typically find lobster year-round) and California is in the midst of its spiny lobster season right now (which opens in early October and runs through mid-March).  And while prices this time of year can never rival the $8.99/lb you’ll find mid-summer in those ramshackle side-of-the-road lobster stands on the coastline roads of Maine or the Cape, I see no issue with foregoing a few dinners out to splurge on some lobster.

And since it is the season of soup, how about using some of that precious lobster in this lobster corn chowder?  Go ahead, make yourself feel like a New Englander – lobster in your chowder will do that to you.  You’ll make a quick stock with the picked lobster shells and in about 1 hour, you’ll have lobster corn chowder – it’s really that easy!  If you can’t find fresh lobster, see if you can find frozen (sometimes you can even find cooked frozen lobster which is a real gem!) and if fresh corn is out of the question for this time of year, use frozen corn (about 1 1/2 cups) and stir in a couple tablespoons of flour into potato-onion-celery-corn mixture before you add the stock to the pot to help thicken the soup.

This chowder is definitely in the top 5 of our favorite soups and I think what I love so much about it (aside from the lobster of course) is the sherry that rounds out the chowder so beautifully.  It adds this extra level of flavor and warmth that you can’t get from salt and it almost makes the soup feel silky.  I know many soup days are ahead of us as we head into winter and I suggest you add this chowder to your list of must-makes.