When I set out to make my list of goodies to make this Christmas season, I vowed to not make a ton of cookies.  I had planned early on to put together treat packages for everyone this year and I wanted to focus my attention on getting them squared away early so that I could actually relax on Christmas Eve day, something I never seem to be able to do.  But then my cousin and I came across this recipe for butter cookie sandwiches.  And goodness knows, I’m a sucker for butter cookies!  The original recipe called for the filling to include chestnut cream (crème de marron) but because of Kyle’s allergies, that wouldn’t work so I swapped dulce de leche in place of the original ingredient.  And umm…genius?  Rich butter cookie sandwiches with dulce de leche cream filling might just be one of the better ideas I’ve had lately.  I did feel like the chocolate slightly overpowered the flavor of the dulce de leche so I think next time I’ll skip the chocolate (the horror!) because the filling needs to shine through.  But overall, adding these cookies to you cookie platter will not disappoint anyone and you’ve still got plenty of time to work them into your schedule!