Giant Double Chocolate Cookies

When I set out to make a new cookie, it’s never an easy task.  SO many recipes touted as “the best”, so little time.  And so few calories to sacrifice.  But I’ve had my eye on these giant double chocolate cookies for almost exactly a year now and I finally gave in.  It was time to tackle a giant cookie and I was ready for it.


The long-awaited verdict?  An extra half hour on the treadmill was well worth the work for these cookies.  Dense, chocolatey, and gigantic, these cookies are best served slightly warm to take advantage of the gooey chocolate chips.  I feel like they could have been just slightly sweeter since the dark cocoa powder (I used Hershey’s Dark) really takes center stage and is altogether unsweetened to begin with; I’ve adjusted the recipe below to reflect this.  Whether you weigh the dough into 4oz portions (this will yield 11 cookies) or divide the dough manually into 12 cookies, be prepared for a decadent bakery-sized cookie.  I’ve never had cookies from Levain Bakery in NYC but if this cookie is any indication of what they are like, other copycat recipes that are floating around the web may just be in my future as well.