When I set out to create my holiday treat packages last year, I knew I wanted to make treats I’d never made before but that had been on my to-make list for a while.  Like marshmallows.  And hot chocolate.  And these peppermint patties.  And let me tell you, these little minty treats probably made me the most proud I’ve been in the kitchen in quite a while.  The filling is easy to put together, but dipping them in chocolate will require some patience.  You’ll need to dip them in batches and keep the extra little rounds of filling really cold (like frozen) while you dip because as soon as they start to come to room temperature, dipping them in warm chocolate is impossible.  And impossibly messy.  Trust me.  The chocolate will harden but make sure all of the filling is covered by chocolate – otherwise it will ooze out.  But needless to say, my peppermint patty connoisseur (Kyle) LOVED these (so did I!), as they are waaaay better than the store-bought version.  You’ll find that they will be gushed over and will certainly be worth the little extra effort it takes to make them.