I realize that Shanon said last week that she was the last blogger to post these cookies, but actually I’m right there with you, Shanon!  While it seems that they have been all over my friends’ blogs, I couldn’t help but get in on the action as well.  My cousin and I made a batch of these a few weeks ago (as making cookies seems to be our usual activity when she visits) and with this recipe on my radar for what seems like forever, we made it a point to pump these babies out.  And needless to say, I promptly sent her back to Johnson & Wales with over half of them because having them in the house is dangerous.  Seriously dangerous.  Let the college kids and their ridiculous under-30 metabolisms deal with the calories.


Anyway, we all flipped out over these cookies.  Mariah and I lamented earlier in the afternoon about neither of us being able to pass up the Lofthouse cookies in the grocery store bakery but this homemade version blows the store-bought version out of the water.  There’s no comparison in texture and flavor and there’s no going back to the store-bought version now.  The recipe only yields around two dozen (we got 27) but they are definitely substantial cookies so while I wanted to put away (in my stomach, that is) a couple extra, one cookie was definitely enough to satisfy me…for one sitting anyway.  😉 I imagine that freezing some of the dough would work great and I definitely plan to do so the next time we’re craving these bad boys.  And now that I’ve found my measuring cups and set the stand mixer up, it’s entirely possible that they’ll show up in the new kitchen sometime this week.  Yay for having reasons to celebrate with cookies!