Veggie Fried Rice

It never fails that when we’re looking to get Chinese take-out, I’m craving fried rice with my meal because let’s face it, white rice is for the birds.  The sticky stuff does nothing for me.  So when I came across this recipe last month for vegetable fried rice, I was all over it like…um, white on rice?  🙂 I loved the fact that by making it at home, I could control the ingredients and use up leftover rice from other nights of the week – or just make the rice in advance when I have a few spare minutes in the kitchen, which you should do anyway because the cooked rice needs to be cold for this dish.  I immediately opted for brown rice, boosted both the fresh garlic and ginger, and used frozen peas and carrots (easy!!) rather than peeling and chopping multiple carrots. We seriously loved how this recipe turned out – so much so that we made it twice in a week.  We paired it with some teriyaki chicken (let me know if you’re interested in the recipe) to round out the meal and it ended up being a substantial, quick, and relatively healthy dinner.  And since I misread a recipe I made earlier this week, leaving me with over 3 cups of cooked brown rice, I know what we’re having tonight!