Every summer, you can find me standing in front of our local ice cream stand hemming and hawing.  I am the worst decision maker, especially when it comes to choosing an ice cream flavor so it’s a good thing it can sometimes take 20 or more minutes to make it to the front of line.  And surprisingly enough, peanut butter cup ice cream isn’t ever a flavor that I choose, despite how much I love all things peanut butter-chocolate.

I like to make it at home, to ensure that I’m going to love it…because when have I not loved homemade ice cream?  Right, never.  So when this particular recipe crossed my path – peanut butter ice cream made with eggs, unlike my usual recipe – I was all over it.  And I had a super fun afternoon teaching my mom how to make ice cream with this recipe to prepare her for her first batch with her Mother’s Day gift.  We added a [hot] fudge swirl and chopped up peanut butter cups to round out my idea of the perfect ice cream and she had a blast making ice cream from scratch – what an awesome feeling to teach my teacher!

Following our pulled pork dinner, this family of peanut butter lovers collectively sighed over this ice cream…it’s a good thing I skipped lunch that day!  The peanut butter is a bold flavor here and the addition of the fudge and peanut butter cups truly put this ice cream over the edge.  I had to beg Kyle before I left for Vermont on Sunday to save some for me to photograph after getting home…and he commented yesterday that it took every ounce of his will power to not finish it.  Good luck with your own will power after trying this – it won’t be easy!