A couple of years ago, after brining my first turkey for Thanksgiving, I vowed to brine all of the chickens we roasted going forward.  Let’s be real here: that never happened.  I rarely have enough forethought 12-24 hours in advance of roasting a chicken to put a brine together but when I came across a quick brine for chicken thighs one weekend recently, I was all over it.  A 6 hour brine was perfect for me – I could toss the chicken in the brine at noon, have the entire afternoon to work in the yard while fighting off the ever-present bees (I’m a magnet) and reapplying the sunscreen (yes, I burn in my backyard in May), then run inside to shower and have the grill fired up by 6.  Yes, brining chicken pieces is that easy.  Of course the bbq sauce I made for this chicken was just plain stellar, but it really played a supporting role here.  The brined chicken, much like a brined turkey, was tender and moist (shudder word) and for dark meat, the thighs cooked relatively quickly on the grill.  We served this bbq chicken alongside some revolutionary bacon ranch potato salad and I know our garden Beefsteaks will perfectly round out this meal later on in the summer (just pray we can defeat the blight this year).