whole wheat cinnamon raisin scones

Long ago, I fell in love with cinnamon raisin bagels.  And by long ago, I mean that I can remember trying to eat them as a 7 year old without a full set of teeth.  It took me a long to time to finish things like bagels in those days.  I’ve been meaning to make cinnamon raisin bagels for years but considering my love for bagels, it may be better off for my waistline that I haven’t done so yet.  So you can imagine that I was all about these scones when I found out they were on the agenda at King Arthur Flour’s Blog & Bake this week…and I think I was even more stoked at the idea of them when I learned we would be making them with white whole wheat flour, a flour variety I’ve been curious about for so long.

In short, these scones are awesome.  I filled them up with extra ground cinnamon and cinnamon chips and used the folding method to work the chips and raisins into the dough which very nicely distributed them throughout the dough.  With a slightly crispy exterior and flaky interior, you would never know these warmly spiced scones were made with white whole wheat flour, save for the color.  I picked up a 5lb bag for myself before I left the Baker’s Store so you’ll definitely be seeing more recipes with it around here.  And if they all turn out as great as these cinnamon raisin scones did, I’ll be a happy woman.