Maine is one of my very favorite states to visit.  There’s something about the intoxicating northern Atlantic sea air, the rocky and evergreen-studded coastline, the way the fog rolls in and engulfs the beach in the morning, watching a storm at sea roll by.  And don’t dare forget about all the lobster!

If there was any other state I could live, it would be Maine.  I could take the harsh and never-ending winters.  I could take the love the people of Maine have for the Red Sox (not that I could ever be converted).  And I could definitely take the nearly unlimited access to the whoopie pie.

Actually, since I can make them at home, unlimited access isn’t such a sticking point for me, especially when they turn out like these do.  But Kyle and I spent Labor Day weekend in Maine (as I mentioned yesterday) and I made it my mission to eat whoopie pies all weekend long…which of course didn’t happen.  We did, however, hit up a hidden gem in Freeport: Isamax Snacks.  It’s a whoopie pie shop!  Cupcakes be damned – this is Maine!  They offer over 20 different whoopie pies (including jumbo pies that serve 12-18 people) and ship nationwide.  I was somehow able to restrain myself and chose the classic and maple, both of which were seriously awesome.

That trip left me with whoopie pie withdrawl and since I didn’t have the chance to make a batch for our road trip (all of 3 hours lol), I pulled some together this past weekend.  I decided on a classic chocolate cake (pie? cookie? I never know what to call it.) with chocolate chip cookie dough filling.  For reals, how can you ever go wrong with cookie dough you can eat without the worry of getting sick?  The cake is perfectly soft, thanks to the buttermilk, with a deep chocolate flavor and it will definitely be my go-to choice for a classic whoopie pie cake.  I foresee many a-whoopie pie in my future this fall and winter, especially since I can’t get these out of my head!