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Hi!! I hope you’re hungry because we’ll have no problem being really great friends! Like Julia Child once said, “People who like to eat are always the best kind of people.” She also said something about a gathering without cake is just a meeting. Brilliant, right?

But seriously, you’re here for the food and I’m here to deliver. I’ve been tossing up recipes to this site since 2007 and there’s 800+ of them to make everyone in your house happy. Here’s a just bit of what awaits you:

credit: Sarah Lehberger

about tara

coffee addict. maine lover. new englander.

wifey. pup mama. infertility survivor. adoptive mama-to-be.

project manager by day. floury mess-maker by night.

recipe developer. self-taught photographer. social media introvert.

and above all else: always hungry.

it’s not just about the food.

The food you’ll find here is unapologetically delicious. Some of it’s completely sinful. Some of it’s super healthy. Most of it sits somewhere in between. This is how we eat in our house.

Every recipe on this site is made from scratch, using as few packaged ingredients as possible. Yes, I use store-bought things like pasta, peanut butter, and tortilla chips. But what you won’t find here are recipes using boxed baking mixes, bottled salad dressings, or frozen chicken nuggets. They’re just not my thing.

credit: Sarah Lehberger

My philosophy about food is that cooking and baking from scratch, with limited (and pronounceable!) ingredients is just as easy as opening a package and dumping it into a bowl…and that cooking should be fun!

I do happy dances when pulling a fresh loaf of homemade sandwich bread from the oven. And when methodically mixing butter-sugar-eggs-vanilla-flour-salt together for a homemade birthday cake. And when measuring a bunch of spices for homemade Indian food. It helps that I’ve usually got Alexa playing The Beatles, an 80s or 90s pop station, or country rock in the background!

credit: Sarah Lehberger

But let’s be clear: we have our limits too. We eat out, order pizza from time-to-time, and indulge in pints of Jeni’s, Talenti, and Ben & Jerry’s.

Because in reality: Kyle and I are a busy couple with a baby in the house, a full-time job and a part-time real estate gig (me), an electrical contracting business to run (him), and a super active dog. And sometimes, the dishes are just TOO MUCH to handle. Life is crazy and there needs to be some balance!

What I want you to take from SLH – aside from a napkin to wipe up the drool – is that you CAN make this food in your kitchen and have a blast doing it! Whether it’s with your kids, BFFs, parents, or loves, I hope you make cooking and baking a part of your life because it really is the BEST way to bring people together.


Best Apps Ever!

As we settle into late summer, some of the most popular recipes on this site always tend to be snacky foods. It IS of course, football season! There are more than 80 recipes here perfect for your game day tailgates and parties and so many of them work just as perfectly for your birthday parties, backyard BBQs, and board game nights.

Now, get planning!

Game Day & Party Eats


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