Hi there! I’m Tara, the cook-baker-photographer-author-recipe developer behind the site, Smells Like Home.  I’m so happy you’re here!

About Tara

Small town life was never a thought in my mind as I grew up on Long Island, a super-busy and traffic-laden NYC suburban area, but after moving to Connecticut over 10 years ago, I found myself to be where I was always meant to be…in a quiet, rural New England town.  I’m in my mid-30s and work as a researcher at a local university.  Kyle and I married in 2006 and cooking has become a central part of our life together – we love spending time in the kitchen together testing new recipes and coming up with our own!

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As we get more settled in life, we’re moving towards living more simply.  Growing our own food, preserving our bounty, and eating as locally and seasonally as possible have become central ways for how we want to eat.

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We we live and breathe for our cat, Wilma.  Yes, we are those kind of cat people.  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll probably see her there a lot.  I love coffee (and any kind of cake that goes with it) and Starbucks is my BFF during my morning drives.  I can’t help it – I’m nearly addicted to vanilla lattes, both hot and cold.  I’m a born and bred Yankees fan so you won’t see any “Red Sox Nation” happening on the blog of this former NY-er.  Thankfully Kyle is too because you never know what you’re going to find here in CT.  Being only an hour away from the Bronx, you’d think we would go to games more often but you can most likely find us working in the yard on the weekends with the Yankees game blasting on the radio.

About the Blog

I started Smells Like Home in 2007 in an attempt to keep track of the recipes I made while I taught myself how to cook.  I never expected that little blog would still be growing strong today or that it would evolve into a such a passion rather than a hobby for me.  I still continue to challenge myself with new recipes and methods and I love the process of working through a recipe from beginning to end.  The recipes you’ll find here are accessible and approachable.  You’ll feel comfortable making them whether you’re a new cook or a seasoned veteran.

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To the end of living simply, we cook and bake as much as we can from scratch…but that’s not to say the ingredients in our recipes are expensive or hard-to-find – they are typically basic ingredients and pantry staples used in creative ways.  Baking a chocolate cake from scratch is just as easy as opening a box and if you’ve never made a cake or batch of brownies without the help of a box, I promise you that the recipes you find here will help you do this successfully.


About My Mission

My hope is that your visit to Smells Like Home encourages you to discover new foods you love, challenge yourself in the kitchen, and not be afraid to make as much food at home, for your family and friends, as you’re able to.  Most importantly though, I want you to have fun in the kitchen with these recipes!  Cooking and baking shouldn’t feel like a chore and with practice (and sometimes lots of trial and error!) it does get easier and more rewarding.  Thank you again for visiting and I hope you’ll stick around for all the goodness that awaits you!