You know how some nights when you come home from work and just don’t feel like cooking but really don’t feel like going out for a bite either and delivery isn’t an option in a small rural town? I had one of those nights earlier this week and the old standby of pasta with jarred sauce turned into a really nice meal. In an effort to add some more veggies to our diet, we sauteed some onions and garlic with zucchini, yellow squash (summer squash??), and some extra sliced red peppers I had hanging out in the fridge in a little bit of olive oil. We added the sauce and topped some thin spaghetti with the veggie sauce (is this primavera??). Kyle cooked up a hot Italian sausage and added that too to his serving – I skipped the sausage. It was quick and easy and satisfied both of our appetites. Next time, I’ll take the extra step and defrost a roasted chicken sausage to add to my serving.

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