Pasta, pesto, and peas: When all it takes to get dinner on the table is mixing some pesto, peas, and parmesan into a bowl of pasta.

OK, so I was a little skeptical when I heard that my friend, Elizabeth, chose this recipe for the first official (Herbed-Baked Eggs was a trial run) of the Barefoot Bloggers ode to Ina cooking and baking blogging group (which by the way, is up to 67 members!).  I don’t know what it was – probably the peas that I’m never thrilled with…and after reading the comments in the Musings posts that the dish has mayo WITH pesto, my skepticism jumped a little.

This is why I’ve started this group.  There are so many Ina recipes that I come across and turn my nose up at because of how my brain processes the combination of ingredients – before allowing my mouth to try the food.  And I should know by now how tried and true so many of her recipes are – I should trust more.

Trust I did this week.  And I LOVED this pasta pesto and peas dish!!  I cut way back on the mayo – to probably about 1/3 cup plus 2 tbsp, just enough to help further emulsify the pesto mixture.  I halved the recipe and was still left in an insane amount of pesto mixture which I had to throw out because I’m away on business this week and since Kyle’s recent bout of “food poisoning” (where I wasn’t sick in the least) with the spinach pesto sauce I made a couple of months ago, he wouldn’t even touch this one.

And it’s a shame he won’t eat it because I made the pesto especially for him without nuts because he’s allergic to them – although the pesto was amazing!!  Next time, I’ll  consider buying the pesto if I’m in a pinch.  I used whole wheat pasta and served it alongside a nice lean flank steak I seasoned with some herbes de proven├že and threw on the grill.

What a nice complement to each other!  The pesto was outstanding with the steak!!

So that’s it from me this week.  As you read this, I’ll be in DC at a conference my job is hosting (and that I planned!) and will return on Saturday.  I’ll be keeping up with BB requests as they come in while I’m gone.  To see how the other rest of the BB group did with their first recipe, check out the Who’s Turn Is It? page on the BB blog.


May BB recipe: Herbed-Baked Eggs from Barefoot in Paris as chosen by moi

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