Before she chose this recipe, Josie told me that she was leaning towards a peach recipe for her Project Pastry Queen choice and I was secretly hoping she would choose this one.  I’m always sad when September rolls around because it signals the end of my favorite summer fruit, peaches. Unfortunately, peach season here in CT doesn’t peak until the mid- to end of August so I have to wait much longer for great peaches than other parts of the country. Miraculously though, I was able to find some outstanding peaches in the grocery store this past weekend.  They were perfectly sweet and ripe and held up like champs in these scones.  The scone recipe itself was incredible – flaky, sweet and delicious – and the peaches and peach jam took the scones to another level.

As with all scone recipes, it’s so so important to keep the ingredients cold before baking, else you’ll end up with scones that spread too much in the oven.  I make a point of cutting the butter and freezing it before adding it to the flour and then freezing the scones for 10-15 minutes after cutting and placing them on the baking sheet.  They really do need this extra time to chill before baking.

Be sure to head over to Pink Parsley Catering for this recipe and make sure you come back next Sunday for my choice – Fredericksburg Peach Cream Cheese Tart!

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  • August 2, 2010 at 5:27 PM

    i chill my scones too. definitely helps them from spreading! looks delish!