When life gets a blogger down, we bake.  And boy did I do some baking in the past couple of weeks! It started with these Chocolate Malt Sandwich Cookies, then this Fresh Ginger-Pear Quick Bread came along, and now these cookies.  These cookies, appropriately named for the rocky road life can be sometimes, were exactly what I needed.  Sure I totally fell in love with the sandwich cookies, but there is something about a cookie with 4 different types of chocolate and a load of marshmallows that soothes the soul and makes life a little brighter and between looking for a house to buy, trying to cut my Starbucks intake to 1x/week, a minor medical issue that lags on for what seems like forever, and the impending start of another round recruiting 150+ high school students to the research study I run, these cookies came at exactly the right time.

Traditional rocky road anything includes lots of nuts but since we don’t really “do” nuts around here, I subbed in about 2 cups of white chocolate chips (that would be one 12oz bag), leaving the cookies with bittersweet and unsweetened chocolate melted into the batter and white and milk chocolate chips mixed in.  And since I didn’t quarter the mini marshmallows (call me lazy but who has time to quarter 1 cup of mini marshmallows??), there were actually soft oozes of marshmallow remaining in the cookie.  Kyle and I both loved and devoured these cookies.  They were sweet, chocolaty, soft, and overall perfect and when life gets to be that rocky sort of road again, you can bet these cookies will be in my oven.

This was another Project Pastry Queen recipe and Rebeca of Through the Looking Glass chose this recipe for the group – thank you, Rebeca!  She has the full recipe posted in her blog so be sure to jump over and have a “look.” heh.