I did a quick “loving” post back in June about some posts from around my favorite blogs and I thought that maybe I’d start expounding a little more upon stuff going on around here, outside of the food.  Well, mostly outside of the food. 😉

I can’t get enough of this champagne cheddar from Yancey’s Fancy. It’s impossibly creamy and a little sweet…stick a piece on top of some Everything Pretzel Crisps and I’m totally hooked.  I’ve been serving it to just about all of the company who visits for the past couple of years – I hope they’re not tired of it!  The big question now is where can I get my hands on that Maple Cheddar?!  (P.S. – the Bergenost is also fan-flipping-tastic!)

L.L. Bean Wicked Plush Throw (in Mountain Red): My new best friend this fall.  I foresee lots of cold nights ahead with a book, the fireplace, and this blanket.

Are you using the Pinterest for iPad/iPhone app?  Unlike an earlier version of the app where it was impossible to do anything except look at Pins, this one now actually works!  And while we’re at it, let’s connect!

Am I the only one still bopping around to Call Me Maybe?  I guess not…since this new “spoof” just showed up on the Today Show last week (this version is better than the Today Show version).  I’ve listened to it so many times at work…and I can claim watching You Tube at work as appropriate since you know, I work at the same place the brain children are from.  And yeah, it does actually make me want to dust off my clarinet and take a few lessons!


I’m more than mildly obsessed with Sons of Anarchy.  Never in my life would I think that I’d find myself a puddle of anxious excitement over a show about an outlaw biker club but it helps when Jax Teller = the ultimate bad boy we hate to love.  In true FX-style, they’ve put out another awesome original series (did anyone watch The Shield? – I LOVE Michael Chiklis!) and we watched (this is almost pathetic to admit) Seasons 1-3 on Netflix and Amazon Instant late last summer in a matter of 3 weeks in order to be caught up for Season 4.  Season 5 is happening now!

We spent Labor Day weekend in Maine.  My goal (aside from eating as much lobster as humanly possible in a 3 day period) was getting my hands on a whoopie pie.  More specifically, I planned to make them before we left so that we (I) wouldn’t have to neurotically seek them out while trying to relax…but that never happened.  We did, however, plan a little trip to one of my favorite stores (see above) and I knew there was a whoopie pie shop in town.  So I got my authentic Maine whoopie pie(s) and then I made a batch of my own last weekend after going through 3 weeks of withdrawal.  Recipe and more info about the whoopie pie shop (that ships nationwide!) comin’ atcha tomorrow!