Cozy weekend meals are perfect to cook when you’re hunkering down on the weekends in the fall and winter. These comfort food recipes are for nights when you have some extra time to spend in the kitchen to simmer, stir, roast, and braise for Saturday dinner or Sunday lunch.

Collage of cozy weekend meals.

When the air is cold and crisp, darkness falls early, and that achingly familiar smell of a wood burning fire drifts past my nose, I naturally find myself wanting to be inside, nose in a great pager-turner under a soft blanket in front of a warm fire, with dinner simmering away on the stove, braising in the oven, or stewing in the crock pot.

These are the kinds of cooking days I live for, don’t you?

These are my favorite longer-cook “cozy weekend meals” that make hunkering down during the cold and snowy months seem just a little bit easier.

And it’s the perfect list of Saturday dinner ideas or Sunday afternoon lunch inspiration to choose from when you have some extra time to cook!

Cozy Weekend Meals

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