Welcome to my 2018 Holiday Baking List! Have you gotten your fat(ter) pants out yet this holiday season??Smells Like Home 2018 Holiday Baking List

Raise your hand if you’re up to your eyeballs in holiday baking! Are you hosting Christmas company this year? Or planning platters to bring elsewhere?

I’m doing both! Because of some wonky family dynamics, we’re hosting 3 separate groups between the weekend before Christmas and the weekend after.

It’s going to be NUTS.

So these days I’m planning planning planning! I’m making and freezing dough balls. And working out menus. And trying to sleep and work and cook dinners and play with Riley. (Yes, I’m exhausted and I don’t know how you mamas with more than 1 kid DO ALL THE THINGS!)

And SHOPPING of course! I’m almost finished!! How about you??

I skipped sharing my holiday baking list last year mostly because I had just gone back to work after being on family leave with Riley and I couldn’t tell my ass from my elbow, let alone write a simple blog post.

SO! I’m back at it this year with a clear head and an ambitious plan.

Peppermint Oreo Truffle Brownies

Christmas Baking Favorites Each Year

You’ll see that a bunch of these ideas are the sa

me ones I shared on my 2016 holiday baking list. There’s a good reason for that.

WE LOVE THESE RECIPES. Yes, I totally just capped that for you. We really do love them though and I make them every single year without fail.

You’ll see a few new ideas too! I’m planning to make all of the new ones this weekend and get those recipes out to you next week. Stay tuned!

And now let’s get to it! My 2018 Holiday Baking List! I hope this gives you some inspiration to get your holiday bake on!

Lofthouse Style Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies
copycat lofthouse soft sugar cookies
rosemary butter cookies
pecan linzer cookies with raspberry filling
peppermint bark cookies
thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies
thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies with Christmas M&Ms
white chocolate gingerbread blondies
classic spritz cookies
cranberry bliss barscopycat cranberry bliss bars
bbq chex party mix (not sweet but baked nonetheless!)
vanilla bean sablés

triple chocolate biscottitriple chocolate biscotti
orange cranberry white chocolate biscotti
peppermint oreo truffle brownies

. . . . .

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