Happy Thanksgiving week! We all know that as Americans, quite possibly the most un-American thing you can do at Thanksgiving is to NOT like pumpkin pie. Believe me, I get it.

15 Un-Pumpkin Desserts for Your Holiday Table

I’ve heard all the “whhhaaat???”s over the years when I’ve declared that I’m not a fan of pumpkin pie.

So when it comes time for me to plan out what I’m making for Thanksgiving or Christmas dessert, I always have fun planning a couple of recipes that I know will go over well with the family and that are worthy of being made for a special holiday.

This year, I decided to pull together this list of 15 Un-Pumpkin Desserts for you all since I know there are lots of other pumpkin pie nay sayers out there too! I hope you love what you find here as much as I loved pulling this list together.

A collection of 15 Thanksgiving desserts that are not made with pumpkin.

And please be sure to leave reviews and star ratings on the recipes that you make. These ratings show up on Google and Pinterest and they help other readers know what great recipes are out there!

15 Un-Pumpkin Desserts for Your Holiday Table

Great Thanksgiving and Christmas desserts don't have to revolve around the almighty pumpkin pie. Here are 15 recipes worthy of your holiday table that do not contain pumpkin!

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