This toddler holiday gift guide for 2019 includes parent-tested and approved items for play, wear, and experiences that are all reasonably priced. This is not a sponsored post of any kind. We just love this stuff and want to share the love with you. Happy Holidays!

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Smells Like Home's Toddler Gift Guide 2019

This year’s toddler holiday gift guide is a DOOZY!

I scoured Riley’s playroom and my recent purchase history from a few of my favorite sites to pull this list of over 25 gift ideas together for you guys this year. It’s a gender neutral list of toys, clothes, and experiences that any toddler would absolutely love.

And I know this because MY toddler does!

The list is separated into the following categories in order below:

  • Pretend Play Toys
  • Art & Music Toys
  • Cognitive & Learning Toys
  • Gross Motor Toys
  • Toddler Clothing
  • Experience Gifts

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