Holiday Dessert Charcuterie Board: If you’re hosting party guests or company this holiday season, you definitely need a great dessert. I’ve got you covered with this holiday dessert board, filled with sweet and salty snacks with a to-die-for cinnamon toffee cream cheese dip for dipping everything in sight!

How to Build a Holiday Dessert Board

FRIENDS!! We’re in the home stretch until Christmas now and I’m SO SO excited to share this latest creation with you today!

If you’ve been stressing over what to bake for your holiday parties these next couple of weekends, for Christmas Eve dessert, or for your Christmas Day dessert table, I’ve got you covered.

This holiday dessert charcuterie board gives a big update to those good ol’ cookie platters and takes them up a few notches with the addition of a couple of easy dessert dips.

How to Build a Holiday Dessert Board

What is a Charcuterie Board?

If you’ve been on social media for a minute during the past 2 years, you’ve probably seen a slew of different snack boards that have been popping up. There are cheese and charcuterie boards. And then there’s this adorable candy cane caprese board! Gah!

A charcuterie board, simply put, is a platter or board filled with snacks.

A dessert board is just like those savory charcuterie boards except that it’s filled with desserts! The desserts are arranged on a rectangular board (a cutting board, slate cheese board, etc.) or something like a large baking sheet or a short-sided open box, like I used here.

Why Make a Dessert Board?

There are a couple of major advantages to putting a dessert board together.

How to Build a Holiday Dessert Board

First, it’s a great way to use up all those small amounts of leftover cookies you have hanging around in your tins or from the latest cookie swap you were at. I mean, what do you DO with all those cookies??

Second, a board like this doesn’t require a lot of effort. Buy some items and make some items. Or just buy them all! Hey, I know that it’s a busy time of year and sometimes all those cookies just never get made. Been there!

How to Build a Holiday Dessert Board

For my board, I included a mix of homemade and store-bought. We made the chocolate orange linzers, this pretzel dulce de leche linzers, an incredible cinnamon toffee cream cheese dip, a cannoli dip, and some pretzel M&M kisses. And we filled in the rest of the board with store-bought treats.

This was a SUPER easy way to make a beautiful dessert for a big crowd and what’s best is that there’s a little bit of everything included, which is surely enough to please everyone.

How to Build a Holiday Dessert Board

Dessert Charcuterie Board Ideas

As with any cookie or dessert platter that you’ve assembled or munched from in the past, you could add just about anything to this dessert board. I’ve listed out a number of dessert charcuterie board ideas below in the recipe card but some other desserts you could add are oreo truffles, slices of cheesecake, peppermint brownies, peanut butter truffles, and your favorite type of fudge.

I also feel the need to include something salty and some type of fruit when I’ve laid out a table of sweet desserts and my thoughts were no different for this holiday dessert board.

How to Build a Holiday Dessert Board

On the salty side, I included pretzels and those fun little pretzel M&M kisses. If you’ve got some chex mix, salted nuts, or puppy chow laying around, those would be great too!

For fruit, apple slices were soooo perfect dipped in the toffee dip. But sliced pears or clementine slices would be nice ways to brighten up the sweetness of this dessert board as well.

How to Build a Holiday Dessert Board

What to Serve with Your Holiday Dessert Board

If you’re going to make this dessert board for a party, you’re going to need drinks! I mean, what’s a party without a few drinks, whether they’re boozy or non-alcoholic, amiright?

Holiday Boozy and Non-Alcoholic Dessert Drinks

How to Build a Holiday Dessert Board

How to Build a Holiday Dessert Board

How to Build a Holiday Dessert Charcuterie Board for a Crowd

Yield: at least 12 servings
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

Holiday dessert charcuterie boards are a fun and delicious way to jazz up your holiday dessert table. Filled to the brim with sweet and salty snacks along with creamy dessert dip, your guests will be blown away by the beautiful presentation of this board. Make it your own by customizing your treats too!


Suggestions for dipping and serving:


  1. Arrange the dips on either end of a rectangular board. Mine was 10.5 x 27 inches so it held a lot of snacks.
  2. Start filling in the spaces with the larger pieces of your desserts first. Then fill in the smaller spaces with cookies stacked and layered in different ways. Finish by filling in the small holes with pretzels, M&Ms, Hershey's Kisses, and peanut butter cups. You could replace any of these small pieces with small handfuls of nuts or caramel popcorn. Be creative and add what YOU like!

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