13 Restaurant Meals to Make When You're Stuck Inside

OK so, I guess it’s time to hunker down, my friends. At this point, the preppers we’ve all made fun of over the years are getting the last laugh, aren’t they?

BUT! There’s no need to panic. We’re not talking about the plague or the flu virus that wiped out millions in the early 1900s. Good hand washing and keeping to yourself are still the best preventive measures to try to keep yourself healthy.

With all this said though, I’m fully aware that the U.S. might be in for a long period where grocery stores and restaurants are shut down. So I thought I’d put together a list of meals you can make when you’re stuck inside.

These aren’t full-on pantry staple meals (though some are) but rather, ones you can make when you’re craving take out or a juicy bacon cheeseburger but you can’t or don’t want to leave your house. Or you know, if everything in the outside world is closed.

Basically, if I were stuck inside for days on end, these are the meals I would be craving!

If your grocery stores are still stocked or you can order groceries online, make a list this weekend and get shopping. I’m pretty sure you won’t be sorry you prepared now rather than be up a creek later.

But please. Leave some toilet paper for me!

13 Restaurant Meals to Make if You're Stuck at Home

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