This toddler holiday gift guide for 2020 includes parent-tested and approved items for play, reading, and wear that are all reasonably priced. This is not a sponsored post of any kind. We just love this stuff and want to share the love with you. Happy Holidays!

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What a year, right?! 

The bright side of our 2020 is that we got to spend lots and lots of time with Riley. We pulled her out daycare for 3 months at the beginning of the pandemic. Then we moved at the end of the summer and Riley started preschool which is now only half-days, as opposed to the full-time daycare we were used to.

So, we’ve spent A LOT of time playing this year and with that, I’ve pulled together a really fantastic list of recommendations for my 2020 older toddler gift guide. 

As always, this is a gender neutral list of non-digital, screen-free toys and books that any toddler would absolutely love, as well as some clothes that we’re loving for Riley. Some items are repeats from years past because Riley is still into these things in a big way.

The list is separated into the following categories in the order below:

  • Pretend Play Toys & Games
  • Art & Music Toys
  • Cognitive & Learning Toys
  • Gross Motor Toys
  • Cozy Gifts (for “Cozy Kids”)
  • Clothing
  • Books

If you’re looking for more ideas for toddlers and babies, check out my other 3 kids gift guides from previous years:

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Books for Older Toddlers

All of the books listed here are available for purchase on Amazon. I chose this method as an easy way to provide you with ideas and book descriptions but please try to shop small at independent bookstores if you are able to. They need much more of your support than big box stores and online retail giants do. My favorite local bookstore is Sherman's Maine Coast Book Shops which you can also order from online or by phone.


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