Everyone needs shortcut recipes in the kitchen and I’ve found a fantastic ingredient to help with that. Dulce de leche! These are the best dulce de leche dessert recipes around and I guarantee that you’ll love them.

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Let’s Unpack What Dulce de Leche Is

If you’re unfamiliar with the amazingness that is dulce de leche, let me briefly explain.

Dulce de leche translated to English means sweet milk and it’s as familiar in Latin and South American cooking and baking as caramel sauce and peanut butter are in the U.S. 

It’s a rich and creamy sweet spread that can be sandwiched between cookies, mixed into buttercream frosting, drizzled over ice cream, or used in dozens of other ways.

Photo of a scoop of Dulce de Leche in the can it was simmered in.

Dulce de Leche vs. Caramel Sauce

Where caramel sauce is made with sugar, cream, and butter, my dulce de leche recipe is made with a single ingredient: sweetened condensed milk. You’ll simmer the milk for a few hours so that the sugar in the milk caramelizes and turns the milk from a creamy white color into a deep golden brown. 

Traditionally, dulce de leche is made with milk and sugar but I find that a ready-to-go can of sweetened condensed milk is a much simpler option.

Overhead shot of Dulce de Leche Overnight Cinnamon Rolls. The rolls are baked and in a white oval dish. They are covered with white cream cheese icing.

What Can you Make with Dulce de Leche?

Many of the recipes in the list below are my favorites from right here at Smells Like Home and they’re ones that I’ve been making again and again for years. The rest of them are from a few of my blogger friends, all of whom have a deep love for dulce de leche just like me!

So pull up a comfy chair and maybe an iced latte and dig in to these absolutely fabulous recipes!

The Best Dulce de Leche Dessert Recipes

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