ease the stress with these tools

We’re here to help you navigate the biggest food holiday of the year! If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, here’s what you’ll need to make your dinner & dessert prep easy-breezy.

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  1. kitchen twine
    If you’re roasting a turkey or chicken, you’ll need kitchen twine and since I can never find it in the grocery store during the holidays, I order it. And as a bonus, twine can be used for gift wrapping and holiday treat packages!
  2. instant read thermometer
    Forget those little pop-up turkey timers (they don’t work!) and take all guesswork out of cooking your turkey to the correct temperature with a reliable instant read thermometer.
  3. heavy-duty aluminum foil
    Regular aluminum foil is fine but heavy-duty is way better for holiday cooking. Use it for wrapping the bottom of a springform pan for cheesecake or for tenting your turkey as it rests. If you can find 18-inch foil, get that instead of the 12-inch.
  4. gravy separator
    Don’t bother with other gravy separators or with trying to use a baster to separate the turkey fat from the juices on your own. Treat yourself to this major time-saver!
  5. immersion stick blender
    A necessity for blitzing lumpy gravy, puréeing sweet potatoes for casserole or pie, and making a quick batch of whipped cream.
  6. stacking wire cooling racks
    Even if you’re not making cookies, this 3-tier cooling rack makes great use of vertical space in a crowded kitchen for cooling pies, holding side dishes, and keeping prep bowls organized.
  7. cloth kitchen towels
    We’ve been using these all-purpose towels for over 15 years and they are work horses in our kitchen to wipe up messes, clean counters and appliances, dry dishes, use as pot holders, and for some food prep (you know, where recipes say “use a clean kitchen towel.”)
  8. table trivets
    Don’t ruin your counter, wood table, or heirloom tablecloth with hot dishes. Use trivets instead! And as a bonus, you can also use silicone trivets as pot holders.
  9. parchment paper
    Forget about greasing baking sheets for cookies and appetizers and use parchment paper instead. You can also cut them out to line round, square, and rectangular cake pans and springform pans to ensure nothing sticks.
  10. leftover containers
    Don’t make the mistake of not having any extra containers for all of those leftovers! If you’re sending leftovers home, buy a few that you won’t worry about not getting back.
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