Whether you take your latte with a double shot of espresso or with extra oat milk, you know how you love your favorite espresso drink. But perhaps you’ve always been curious – and maybe a little nervous? – to try something different.

A latte in a round white latte mug with latte art in the milk foam on top.

Or, maybe you’ve never had a latte (also known as a caffé latte) before! Well, you’re at the right place to learn more!

I’ve been making my own espresso drinks with hot steamed milk and cold milk for many years. Lattes are my favorite to make because I can add different flavors to my espresso shot depending on the season or whatever flavor I want on a certain day.

But there are lots and lots of espresso drinks you can make other than a latte, from a flat white to a classic cappuccino to a trendy oatmilk shaken espresso. And everything in between!

The good news is that you don’t need a fancy espresso machine at home to make really great espresso drinks! 

A hot latte is in a black latte mug and it has latte art in the milk foam on top. Next to the mug on the wooden table are a pair of glasses and a gray laptop.

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The Best Espresso for Lattes

For my homemade lattes, I use a Nespresso machine that costs less than $200 (at the time of publication). You can also use an old-school yet incredibly effective stove top espresso maker.

For me, the best espresso for the espresso drinks I make with my Nespresso machine is the Double Espresso Chiaro. The Chiaro espresso give you a thick crema (foam) on top of each pour and the flavor is deep, rich, and chocolaty. Each pod costs around $1.12 for a double espresso.

If you want to use a traditional espresso maker or “real” espresso machine, it’s important to grind whole espresso beans with a bean grinder for the best-flavored espresso. I’ve been using a Kitchenaid burr grinder for around 10 years and absolutely love it. It has grind settings to grind beans for drip coffee, cold brew, and espresso.

For whole espresso beans, I like a medium roast espresso bean from Lavazza or locally-roasted espresso beans like from Coffee by Design in Portland, ME.

In my opinion, if you don’t have a coffee grinder, the best espresso for lattes are the ground beans made by Illy. This ground espresso is reasonably priced and there are around 6 types of different ground espresso you can choose from.

However you choose to make – or buy – your next (or first!) espresso drink, here’s a fantastic list of 19 espresso drinks for you to try!

19 Different Espresso Drinks to Change Up Your Morning Routine

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