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Fall cooking and baking feels unlike cooking and baking in any other season. It's about slowing down, thinking intentionally about the food you make, and transitioning cooking methods from summer grilling to braising, roasting, and crock potting. Fall is our favorite season to be in the kitchen and some of our favorites of the 160+ recipes in this category are the apple slab pie made in a baking sheet, whole roast chicken made in a Dutch oven, an ugly but delicious split pea soup with chorizo, and the coziest and elevated lobster mac and cheese.

A Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin cut in half and showing the cream cheese filling. The muffin is on a cream plate with a green rim.

favorite fall recipes

These are 3 of our favorite fall recipes. Scroll on down this page to see all 160+ fall recipes.

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