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Hello and welcome!

As a food blogger for over 17 years, I know what it takes to create a sustainable food blog: hard work, commitment, reliable recipes, and of course, beautiful photos.

But let me also be frank with you: My budget is tight and my time is limited. And there are still SO many old posts that need to be updated with new photos!

Enter Smells Like Home Studio, a recipe photography service for bloggers.

Built out of my own need to re-photograph ancient blog recipes, Smells Like Home Studio focuses on providing fresh photos for old and new recipes alike to improve SEO, boost social media presence, create highly pinnable images, help you connect with your readers, and to ultimately make you more money.

Whether your blogging niche is in food, lifestyle, parenting, or travel, we can bring your recipes to life with high-resolution, drool-worthy photos that will make your readers say, “I need that NOW!”

The Studio’s packages allow you to choose how many photos you need for each recipe. This allows for customization based on recipe type, blogging style, and most importantly, your budget.

All Packages Include:

  • Ingredients for basic recipes
  • Food styling
  • Edited photos using professional editing software
  • Secure transfer of images

Before shooting begins, I’ll work closely with you to define:

  • Your blog’s photography style (light & bright, light & moody, dark & moody, etc.),
  • What kind and color of props you’d like to see,
  • Any process shots needed, and
  • Turnaround time for the final edited photos.
Smells Like Home Studio Portfolio Shots


Choose from a variety of photo packages to meet your specific needs. All packages will include:

  • Hero photos
  • Recipe process photos
  • Up to 20 photos

Add-ons to any package:

  • Video – can be added to a photo package or purchased without still photos
  • Text overlay for Pinable images
  • Tailoring of props for Seasonal and Evergreen recipes
Smells Like Home Studio Portfolio Shots

The Fine Print

  1. Blogger client retains exclusive rights to all photos with the agreement to allow permission for Smells Like Home Studio to use a limited number of photos for portfolio and business marketing use. Hyperlinks to your respective posts will be included where applicable.
  2. Packages include cost of all ingredients for basic recipes. Specialty ingredients such as certain types of seafood and premium cuts of meat will incur an additional charge to be paid with final invoice. Receipt for additional charge(s) will be provided with invoice. All additional charges will be agreed upon with blogger client prior to package agreement(s).
  3. Additional charges will be incurred for labor intensive recipes such as royal icing decorated sugar cookies, complicated decorated layer cakes, etc. All additional charges will be agreed upon with blogger client prior to package agreement(s).
  4. Photos intended for cookbook reviews on blogs or for sponsored blog posts will incur a $25 charge per recipe.
  5. We request credit be provided at the bottom of every recipe where the photos have been placed with the text “Photos by Smells Like Home Studio” via a hyperlink to the Smells Like Home homepage, as well as tags on social media where the photos are used.
Smells Like Home Studio Portfolio Shots

Payment Details:

  • A $50 deposit for each recipe is due at the time of your package decision(s).
  • Full remaining payment is expected within 2 weeks of receipt of invoice.
  • Payment is accepted via Paypal or secure bank transfer method via professional accounting software.

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